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We are Rob & Claire

For those of you that we have never met, we are Rob & Claire, the partnership behind Wernog Wood.

Rob Hill & Claire Acworth Wernog Wood

Throughout May we will tell you more about our tutors and what they get up to when they are not teaching. We have just one course this month on 18th May, landscape photography taught by David White from @thewhittlings, as @claireacworthjewellery is away doing jewellery shows and Rob is making the most of a quieter time with building projects… and most excitingly the foundations of our long anticipated home.

To tell you a little more, Wernog Wood is a culmination of our combined skills and all the things we like doing. As a brief snapshot, we both grew up on small family farms and, although neither of us became farmers, we love life in the countryside.

As a mechanic and builder, Rob is fascinated by how things work and how they are made. He loves the challenge of creating the unusual and Wernog Wood is the perfect opportunity to renovate old buildings and to build quirky new structures. This year Rob will be teaching a greenwood bed making course, and we are also planning an introduction to welding course in which you will make a fire pit.

Having studied furniture and product design, Claire spent 25 years working in orthopaedics and supporting the wider needs of disabled people in both UK and Africa. Feeling the pull back towards a more creative life, she followed her dream of becoming a jeweller and now works with customers to design one-off pieces, often incorporating elements from a customer’s old jewellery. Jewellery making is just one of many courses we offer in Wernog Wood.

Although we have both dabbled in making all kinds of other things, we are no experts! Instead we will find tutors who are masters of their craft, who are willing to share their skills with you, giving you the satisfaction of making something you will be immensely proud of. The types of courses we offer depend on your interests, so just let us know. We hope that you will benefit from the things we enjoy... beautiful countryside, a quirky adventure and the satisfaction of making things by hand.


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