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Blacksmithing day
Forging day
Forging a fire poker

An introduction to the forge


Make fire pokers, knobs & knockers and more!

Taught by Rich Jones

Learn to forge a knife

Make a six inch kitchen knife with hidden tang 

Take your culinary prowess to another level 

Taught by - Gwyl Roche

Automata workshop with Fi Henshall

Automata -  making nonsense out of rubbish

Make entertaining mechanical contraptions 

Taught by - Fi Henshall

Silver ring making course

Contemporary silver jewellery


A hands on and practical  approach 

Taught by Claire Acworth

Hand forged cheese knife

Make a cheese knife or herb chopper with decorative tang

Perfect taster day introducing you to skills of bladesmithing

Taught by - Gwyl Roche

Dragon sculpture - sculpting course

Any old iron


Sculpting with old tools and mechanical bygones

Taught by - Rich Jones

Welding course

Make a fire pit, 

wellie rack, jack & scraper

or weathervane

Learn principles of mig welding

Taught by - Rob Hill

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