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Leather and textiles courses, classes and workshops in Wales
Leather and textiles courses, classes and workshops in Wales
Batik painting course


An ancient Indonesian art form

Layering melted wax and water based dyes on cotton to create vibrant batik paintings

Taught by Marie-Therese King

Mike Reid Handcrafted Leather

Introduction to the fundamentals of leatherwork

Traditional saddle stitch, layout of patterns, edging & finishing, dying & treating leather

Taught by Mike Reid

Hat making course

Make a head turning felt hat using traditional hat blocks

An addition to your winter wardrobe, or a head-turning statement piece 

Taught by Bobbi Heath

Leather tooling course

The art of leather tooling, carving  & swivel

knife finesse

Carve & tool geometric or western floral inspired designs 

Taught by Mike Reid

Katagami printing course

Katagami and  Katazone

 Japanese  printing technique

Hand cutting stencils and applying a resist paste to fabric before dyeing with indigo

Taught by Rachele Dickie

Plant dying wool course

Dyeing wool with flowers, roots & tree bark


Discover the magic of

plants, mordants and


Taught by Liz Benson

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