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It took us four years to find the perfect peaceful spot to run our courses; a place where our visitors can truly escape the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. ​ After traipsing around nearly fifty properties, we finally found Wernog Wood hidden within this beautiful secluded woodland. If you look at the photos below, you can probably see why we fell in love with it.

Click here to watch a birds eye video of Wernog Wood as we found it when we arrived.

When we arrived in September 2017, the house had not been lived in for 15 years and our predecessor, Dot, had lived here alone for forty years prior to that. As you can imagine,  the whole place needs considerable renovation... luckily Rob is a multi-skilled builder and mechanic who is up for a challenge... but we were keen to get the business up and running before completing house renovations.

So if you are planning to pay us a visit, don’t be surprised to find some piles of rubble and a rough looking house… but the rest of the place is beautiful... please bear with us! We hope you enjoy it so much that you will come back again to see how we have developed.

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