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Meal arrangements for course attendees
Click here if you are staying, but not linked to a course


For those of you staying overnight, we have a selection of cereals. porridge, bread and fruit plus plentiful freshly ground coffee with a non-dairy options for those who choose. Just help yourself and no need to bring anything with you.



During full day courses, we provide a simple honest lunch such as bread, cheese, salad and soup, unless stated otherwise on your course description. When you book your course, you will be asked about dietary requirements and we will ensure each of these are met.

'One thing I will very fondly remember is sitting underneath the tarpaulin tent, eating amazing plentiful lunches cooked by Claire and Rob and chatting with the friendly group that had been brought together by this course, a very memorable week that will not be forgotten.'



Evening meals are down to you, however we are very happy to cook for you if you are arriving the night before the course starts. Our formula for evening meals is to team up ‘chefs’, two at a time to cook for the rest of the group. We discuss the common denominator for dietary requirements, so that everyone can eat whatever is on the menu.  This all adds to the fun and results in some surprising recipe choices... we've got lots of recipe books if you don't know what to cook. You will have use of a spacious well equipped kitchen and living space, or a wood fired pizza oven, fire pit & fresh spring water.

This may sound terrifying, but there is absolutely no obligation for you to cook if you really don't want to. If you would like to give it a go, there are often confident cooks, and those who are less so... we just suggest you choose your partner well! People often tell us that the mention of cooking for others was rather a daunting prospect, but a day or two into the course they fully enter into the spirit of it, and our sociable evening meals become one of the highlights of the course and really help to bond the group.

The bar is raised night after night and the food just gets better and better. won't regret or forget it...


You don't need to bring any ingredients with you, or even think about it before you come. That's a different matter if you like baking, as biscuits and cakes are always welcome... so feel free to bring any of those with you!


You won't have to go anywhere near a shop either as we will do that bit for you.... you only need to decide on your cooking day what ingredients you need... and give us your shopping list.  We work on a kitty basis, normally working out at £9 ish per day.

Homemade soup and bread
Tasty home cooked food
Make your own pizza
Friendly atmosphere
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