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Katagami Japanese printing course in UK

Rachele Dickie will introduce you to Katagami and Katazone, a Japanese technique of hand cutting stencils and applying a resist to the fabric before dyeing with indigo. This patterning technique was developed to apply repeat patterns to long lengths of Kimono cloth.


Over three days, you will learn about traditional Japanese processes looking at original designs. You will plan and design your stencil before drafting it onto a specialised stencil paper. You will then cut your stencil with precision, through which you will apply rice based paste to your cloth, creating a resist to leave areas un-dyed.


You will dip your cloth into a bath of indigo, building up a depth of colour. You will have the chance to use your own stencil design as well as commercial stencils to build up a collection of different fabrics to take home. You may also wish to take the technique further using layered stencils as well as double sided fabrics.

Learn Japanese printing techniques




16-18 August 2024 

Japanese stencil printing - Katagami



plus £30 for materials


Tea, coffee and simple lunch included in your course price 

We also offer accommodation & evening meals

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This course is aimed at adults, aged 18yrs + and is suitable for beginners to those with experience

Rachele Dickie artist and printmaker

Rachele Dickie is a textile artist, passionate about print and inspired by nature. She became interested in natural dyeing and Japanese textiles whilst studying for a textiles HND making a traditional kimono and researching Japanese crafts.


Exploring indigo dyeing with resist, she came across Katagami when looking for a better resist recipe and was hooked by the intricate designs that could be achieved with the Japanese paste. It fitted well with her love of pattern and she enjoys the mindfulness of the detailed, precise cutting required for preparing stencils, not to mention the beautiful rich blues that can be achieved with the indigo dye. Rachele recently took a trip to Japan visiting various arts and crafts museums and completed a workshop with a Japanese master craftsman.

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Textiles and printing courses, classes and workshops in Wales
Textiles and printing courses, classes and workshops in Wales

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