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Alchemy and apothecary

Introducing you today to another tutor and an entirely new craft in Wernog Wood. Sami Blackford is the founder of award-winning botanical skincare company, Freyaluna. An alchemist, apothecary, writer, and mentor, Sami created Freyaluna in 2013 and handcrafts her pioneering range of natural skincare from a studio nestled in the North Wales countryside.

After battling with acne for many years and unsuccessfully trying every product on the market, Sami made the decision to start researching skincare in her mid 20s. Immersing herself in the world of natural and holistic skincare and wellness, she used her knowledge to begin creating skincare products that would actually care for her skin.

Freyaluna skincare products aren't grown in a lab, they're grown in the meadows, hedgerows, and woodlands of rural North Wales. Growing up in this landscape taught Sami the value and magic properties of plants, nature, and living a gentle life in tune with the seasons of the year and the seasons of life.

Sami will be teaching two courses here this year, ‘Beauty of botanicals’ on 2-3 July during which you will formulate and distill your own natural skincare products and ‘Traditional soap making’ on 23 October during which you will use natural ingredients & cold-process methods. To find out more, check out


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