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Meet the Teacher - Jack Ritson - gatemaking

We would like to welcome Jack Ritson to our team of tutors this year. Jack will be teaching two four-day cleft oak gate making courses in Wernog Wood this year. Jack began his woodland management and greenwood journey as an apprentice in Devon, and now runs @rivenoakdesign from Westonbirt Arboretum where he is part of a long term coppice restoration project. He specialises is cleft oak products such as swing seats, garden furniture and benches, hurdles, fences and of course, gates! Managing our own woodland here in Wernog Wood is also important. In the war effort much of the woodland here was felled and consequently replanted with oak which is now overdue for thinning. It is very gratifying to be able to transform this timber into durable and beautiful gates, enabling you to learn the traditions of the craft. If you would like to make a gate to be proud of, Jack will be here on 17-20 June or 6-9 August to share his knowledge about gate making. You will be making something more like the top photo than the bottom… no more than 4ft wide!!


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