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Corrugated Iron Appreciation!

We now have lovely hot showers and loos available for our courses and campers.

Rob has built everything by hand including all the wriggly tin cubicles, with a few small wooden details made by Claire.

There is a selection of photos on the shower room wall (see last photo) which pay tribute to three old Severn Valley Railway carriages which had once stood on this spot. In their heyday they had been solid wooden carriages which had each carried three horses with a separate cabin for their tender.

We had thought about doing these up as cabins for campers, but there was so much work to do to get these to a usable condition that we have finally decided to donate them to a railway enthusiast who has time to do them justice. Rob has enough on his plate without this little project as well!

Anyway, back to the original post.... camping is now five star!!!


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