An introduction to Cyanotype - sun printing

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Sun printing

Cyanotype, or sun printing, is an early photographic process created by John Herschel in 1842 which results in beautiful blue toned images.


Botanical artist Caroline Hodgson, will guide you through the Cyanotype printing process to create a set of unique prints.

You will learn everything from how to prepare the solution, to the preparation and drying of paper, selection of botanicals or objects for your work, exposure to light, and the washing and fixing of your prints. You will learn about the sunlight process and how to use natural sunlight or alternative sources of UV light to achieve the right intensity and sharp results.

You are welcome to bring any flat objects which inspire you or hold sentimental value. These may include lace, flowers, keys, feathers or flowers.

Cyanotype course


10 July 2022

19  July 2022

21 August 2022

18 September 2022



£135 tuition fees

£15 for all course materials


Tea, coffee and simple lunch included in your course price 

We also offer accommodation & evening meals

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This course is aimed at adults, aged 18yrs + and is suitable for beginners to those with experience

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Caroline Hodgson is a Botanical Artist specialising in the Cyanotype process. Her work has always been inspired by nature, and cyanotype printing incorporates a stunning collaboration between the sun, the elements and the natural world. This process allows her to capture the tiny intricate details of nature which are so exquisitely formed.

Caroline has a BA Hons in Fine Art and Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Art Psychotherapy. She worked as an Art Therapist for nearly twenty years before becoming a full time Artist in 2021 and setting up Indigo Moth Botanical Prints.


Her prints are available in galleries throughout Wales and Shropshire, and you can follow her work at  

Stories from our students

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