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... a little information about your  course...
taught by

Carla Pownall

Bringing pots with you

We encourage you to bring six to ten pots with you. You may not use all of these but at least you will have them if you need.

So that there are no disappointing kiln related incidents for you or others, your pots can only be used if they meet the following criteria!

  • maximum size 4" wide and 6" high - if your pots are too big, it will mean a lot of waiting around for firing as few pots will fit into the kiln.

  • use Raku clay only (please ask if you are unsure) - Please uses Ashraf Hanna or any other white body Raku clay.

  • all pots must be bisque fired to a temperature less than 900 degrees C (not more)

  • burnish half of your pots (i.e. 3-5 of them) and leave the others un burnished. Take time to do this well as this will affect the quality of your naked Raku finish.

Carla can make your pots for you

If you would like Carla to make your pots for you, she will be very happy to do so, but please let us know at least 6 weeks before your course begins. These will be £20 per pot and will be made to a high standard of finish, half of which will be ready burnished for you.


  • Wear non-flammable clothing (i.e. natural materials such as cotton or wool, not synthetic)

  • Sturdy leather footwear and definitely no open toed shoes!

  • Your hair will need to be securely tied up

  • Bring a leather apron if you have one (we do have some here)

  • Mask (3m type mask will suffice)

  • Welding or fire proof gloves

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