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Pit fired ceramics

... a little information about your  course...
taught by

Melina Xenaki

What will you do over the 5 days

Just to give you a little insight into the 5 days, we expect you will be making pots on days 1 & 2, experimenting with wild clay on day 3, digging your pit and building your fire on day 4, firing over-night, taking your pots out to cool and then finishing them on day 5. It is possible it may differ from this.

Managing expectations!

Many of the processes you will be using are experimental and you should definitely expect to have some successes and some failures with your pots!

Things to colour your pots

We suggest that you collect and bring various bits and pieces which will be used in the fire to influence the colours of your pots…. so please bring any and lots of the following:

  • Dried banana skins

  • Dried seaweed – lots if you have access to it, enough for everyone would be super helpful!

  • Dried cow pats!

  • Grasses, leaves and twigs,

  • Bits of copper and coal

  • Avocado stones and nut shells

  • Steel wool

  • Onion skins

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