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taught by

Tess Williams

A message from Tess

I am very much looking forward to welcoming you on the mosaic course! A few things you need to know.

Clothing and shoes

Please come in old clothes. Grouting can be very messy. If you have an old apron please do bring it, but its not essential if you don’t mind your clothes getting mucky (Wernog Wood also have a few aprons that can be borrowed). I will also bring protective glasses and masks but feel free to bring your own.

Closed toe shoes are essential. We will be working with and cutting glass so we want to ensure your lovely feet are protected from stray shards.

Tools and materials (let me know if you think you might want to purchase tools prior to course)

I will be bringing the all the tools, and materials needed. This will include cutting tools, adhesive and grout. We will be using fast setting glue to allow grouting in the time provided. I will bring a selection of mosaic tiles and glass sheets but if you want to bring any of your own materials (stones / shells etc) please feel free to do so. Please note that unsealed terracotta is not the best for outdoor as it can crack.

I will bring a selection of wheeled and tile nippers, as well as cutters for sheet glass. Please let me know if you think you would like to keep yours after the course (you can decide at the time but helpful for me to know if you definitely want these). (If you are bringing your own please let me know as soon as you can).

Costs for tools range between @£14 - £24 depending on the tool. Exact price to be confirmed nearer the time depending on supplier etc. Examples of these tools can be seen here.

Design and base board size (let me know if different shape required prior to course if possible)

If you can, please come with a basic idea of the design you want to do. Don’t worry about pattern detail as I will go through the different andamento (pattern flow) with you on the first day. If you have absolutely no idea, don’t worry, I can help you with this and will bring a few books with me for reference, but beware that the longer this takes the less time you will have to completely finish by the end of the course. Don’t worry though, if you don’t finish, I will make sure you have the skills and materials to finish at home. We will aim to finish the sticking of tiles by lunchtime of the second day, and spend the afternoon grouting etc.

I will aim to cut the base boards prior to the course. Unless you let me know otherwise I will cut these to approx. 24 cm (w) x 30 cm (h) (slightly wider that A4). If you would prefer a different shape please let me know a week or so before hand.

You can work on any shape but we need to be realistic on what can be achieved in a couple of days, so something about the same area as A4 size is ideal.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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