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Jewellery making

... a little information about your  course...
taught by

Claire Acworth

Course details

  • Your day will run from 9am to 5.30pm unless agreed otherwise

  • Please be a little flexible with your timing as sometimes it does run a little later to allow time for you go home with a finished piece!

  • You will have learnt the basics of:​

  • safe working

  • introduction to tools & basic techniques

  • design principles

  • sawing

  • forming

  • texturing

  • filing and sanding

  • annealing

  • fabrication and soldering

  • bezel making & cabochon setting (possibly!)

What you can expect to achieve

By the end of the day you can expect to have made at least one of the following:

  • a ring

  • a bangle

  • a pair of earrings

  • a pendant

  • possibly with a set stone

Design ideas - what will you make?

So to avoid designer’s block, it would be helpful if you could do 3 or 4 drawings beforehand of what you think you would like to make. Please bring these with you when you come. It would be even more helpful if you have a chance to email them to me before you come… but don’t worry if not.

We will analyse each of your drawings against some key design principles so that your piece is not only beautiful, but makeable too!


Materials are not included in the cost of the course and will be chargeable depending on what you have used. This will not likely be more than £50 in total if you were making a bangle for example, but could be as much as £75 if you use a lot of silver in your design.

If your design includes setting a stone, I do have a simple range of stones that you could choose from. You may have a stone of your own, or found something that you would like to set i.e. a favourite pebble, piece of crockery you have found in the garden, or a piece of sea glass. It is helpful if they are fairly flat on one side.


What you need to bring:

  • Drawings of your design ideas

  • £50 ish for materials, or possibly up to £75 (N.B. rings are usually not more than £25!)

  • Silver - £2 per gram of silver you use.

  • Stones – cost depends on what you choose.

  • A flat backed stone, glass, pebble, or crockery you might want to set

  • Raincoat, walking boots or wellies if you would like a walk at lunchtime

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