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taught by

Jack Ritson

Gate designs

Jack has asked you to send some basic drawings or images of what you think you would like to make as it will help him prepare in advance.​

He recommends that your gate should have no more than 4 horizontal rails and a diagonal brace.

You can also have upright 'palings' which are less work than the horizontal rails and you can have as many of those as you like.

The simplicity of your design is important as it is surprising how much work is involves.

Gate sizes

We need to know the dimensions of your gate so please mark this on your drawing

Ideally the outer dimensions should not be more than 4ft wide, but it can be any height

Timber and hinges

The timber for your gate is likely to be £50, maybe less

Jack will also bring hinges which you can buy from him at £20 per pair

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