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Blacksmithing or knifemaking

... a little information about your  course...
taught by

Rich Jones & Gwyl Roche

The only thing you really need to know before you come is to wear appropriate clothing...

  • Clothing which fully covers arms and legs and not too loose fitting

  • Non synthetic or flammable clothing

  • Sturdy footwear - ideally something like leather walking boots

  • This course can be heavy on the hands and may cause blisters so bring gloves you can work in

  • Don't be surprised to use a plaster or two during the day!

You will be provided with the following safety clothing, but welcome to bring your own:

  • a leather apron

  • safety glasses

  • ear defenders

  • leather heat resistant gloves (but you may want to bring your work gloves)

  • dust mask (for knife makers) when you are grinding and sanding. We do have some here too but bring one if you have one!

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