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Bed making

... a little information about your  course...
taught by

Rob Hill

Here are some things for you to think about and to let us know so that Rob can look for the right kind of tree for your bed.

You will take your bed home in pieces so that you can easily fit it in your car, or get it up your stairs. However you may want to think about exactly where you want to put it in your house so that you can measure your room, or window sill height etc.

Please let us know the size of bed you intend to make

  • Size of mattress - i.e. single, double, queen or king... but please measure it too before you come just to be sure it is not some strange size!

  • Height of bed head and foot - Think about the implications of these heights regarding window sills or anything else that the bed may obscure!

  • Maximum width and length of your complete bedframe - Your frame will be made with mortice and tenon style joints, fixed with pegs, so once made, your bed frame may be considerably wider and/or longer than your mattress .... please measure the absolute widest and longest your bedframe can be to fit into your room.


  • Wear sensible sturdy footwear

  • Wear practical clothing

We have all the following safety clothing, but welcome to bring your own:

  • Leather apron

  • Safety glasses

  • Ear defenders

  • Dust mask

  • This course can be heavy on the hands and may cause blisters so bring gloves you can work in, we do have some but you may prefer your own

  • Don't be surprised to use a plaster or two during the day!


We have all the tools you need but you may want to bring your favourite:

  • Drawknife

  • Spoke shave

  • Whittling knives

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