Mosaic house plaques

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Wernog Wood mosaic

Create your own house name, number or decorative wall plaque on a lightweight waterproof board. During the workshop you will learn about basic ‘andamento’ 

(arranging tiles in flowing contours to create different decorative effects), and how to cut tiles and glass sheets.


Taught by Tess Williams, this beginners workshop will run over 2 days, with most mosaics being grouted within this time, as you will use glues that allow fast drying. For those with more complicated ideas who don’t have time to grout, you will learn the skills to finish at home.


Mosaics can be up to A4 in size. Different size boards of a similar surface area can be cut, provided notice is given prior to the workshop.

mosaic course

1-2 October 2022


Residential mosaic course


inclusive of materials

Tea, coffee and simple lunch included in your course price.


We also offer accommodation & evening meals

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This course is aimed at adults, aged 18yrs + and is suitable for beginners to those with some experience

Tess Williams mosaic



Tess Williams has been making mosaics since 2009.


Building upon the techniques she learnt on a residential course, Tess is latterly self-taught and has been further developing her skills, knowledge and designs to make

large scale tabletops, decorative wall hangings

and house numbers and names, including this one that

she made for Wernog Wood shown above.


She loves sharing her passion for mosaics with others.

Stories from our students

​​This is the first time we have run this course so we hope you will create your own stories