Illustrated botanicals - the art of a sketchbook

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Botanical sketchbook

Over this relaxing three days with Olivia Jones, you will develop your skills in observational drawing & painting of leaves, flowers, lichens & seed heads in Wernog Wood.

You will learn a range of approaches to drawing using a breadth of media & materials. Drawing methods may include continuous line, stick & ink, observational drawing, charcoal, watercolour, acrylic, fine line and tonal studies.

You will be introduced to the work of artists who have a botanical focus and will be encouraged to adopt their styles for some of your studies. You will also learn the art of sketchbook to present your drawings. 

If you choose to stay for a fourth day, you will make a lamp shade using the drawing and painting skills you have acquired.

Flower drawings




3 - 5 August 2022


plus an optional 4th day


6 August 2022

to turn your sketchbook work into three dimensions

by applying your work to a lampshade

Flowers and seed heads

£320 for 3 days

plus £30  for materials


£420 for 4 days

plus an additional £5 for the lampshade

Tea, coffee and simple lunch included in your course price.


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This course is aimed at adults, aged 18yrs + and is suitable for beginners to those with some experience

Olivia Jones

Olivia Jones is an artist and educator from North Wales. She began her career as an art teacher in 2015 and currently teaches in Tarporley, Cheshire. Her teaching has provided her students with the skills to further their studies in fine art, architecture, combined arts, film and animation at university. 


Much of her work focuses on drawing and painting across different subjects, exploring a wide range of fine art media, processes and techniques. Olivia’s work is often made to be shared as exemplar pieces to inspire her students based on the themes of projects she is teaching. She also works on personal commissions.


Alongside her high school teaching career, Olivia enjoys working with adults to develop their skills and love for art by delivering classes and workshops in portraiture, life drawing, landscape, architecture and natural forms using a verity of media and materials.

Stories from our students

​​This is the first time we have run this course so we hope you will create your own stories